3 Quick Tips to Building/Reviving a Website

Whether you are in the market for a brand new website, or are thinking about reviving an existing one, there?are three quick but potent tips you should keep in mind when working with your designer.

1. Keep it simple. Not only do you have only a few seconds to capture and intrigue your viewers, but your viewers will click on your link with a purpose. They want the information they are seeking, and they want it fast. ? Your navigation should be clear and easy to use, your pages well organized, and your contact information readily available at all times during your viewers’ visits.

2. Keep the content new. The key to maintaining ongoing traffic to your website is to give your viewers reasons to come back. If you change your content on a regular basis, viewers will be more likely to bookmark your website and revisit often. Depending on your business type, this can be accomplished by changing the products or images in an online gallery, keeping a brief blog of current news or events, or even adding a seasonal flair by changing your color scheme. Special offers, if applicable, are also a wonderful way to bring your visitors back again and again.

3. Keep it functional. Ensure your website is easy to use. Adding too much content or having too many pages can confuse viewers and frustrate them into hitting the “back” button right out of your website. Keep it easy to read: no clutter, no overbearing graphics. Should your website contain an online store, ensure it functions properly and smoothly.

There are dozens of aspects to consider when building or redeveloping a website, and these are just a few quick points with which to start. Technology is still evolving rapidly; be prepared to work closely with your designer to utilize solutions that are available and appropriate to your business type.