jenn_garman_bioAbout Jenn Garman
Mixed Media Artist / Instructor

I’ve been a creator since I was coordinated enough to hold a crayon. Colouring was, by far, my most favourite thing to do at any given moment. I prized my crayons: a motley assortment of wax sticks stored in an old Royal Dansk cookie tin, some with wrappers barely clinging to their owners. And the stubbiest one was always White, for I adored the effect of covering a page with invisible wax and then revealing what happened when watercolour paint was applied over top. The excitement of artistic discovery drove my curiosity at a young age, and still does today.

I am a marketer by day, working for Pacesetter Homes as Marketing Manager. By night I explore my other creative side. I paint. I art journal. I crochet. I write. If it’s creative, I probably do it. This blog is my outlet to show you, my lovelies, these little pieces of me.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I love stationery. Don’t take me into a stationery store unless you plan to lose me, because I will probably stay there for hours.
  • Contrary to the previous point, I also love nature. Yes, I realize that in order to create stationery, trees have to die. I try not to think about that part.
  • If I won the lottery, I’d pick up my life and paint in some gorgeous overseas country.
  • I think I was born with a muscle out of place in my neck. If I sneeze a little too hard, it kinks and I look like a Picasso for three days.
  • I have a humbling fascination with science. We are within the universe, but the universe is also within us. Mind blown.
  • Point a camera at me and my facial muscles will contort instantly to make a stupid face. I have no control over this…I’m just naturally silly.