[Case Study] Savile Raw Logo & Brand Concept


The Challenge

To stand out from the vast competition of raw dog and cat food suppliers, and to overcome apprehension and misinformation in the marketplace.

Raw dog and cat food is a controversial subject for many. Is it healthy? Is it safe? Will my children get sick if they handle it? Educating consumers on the safety, quality, and benefits of raw food product for pets is an important foundation to creating long-term, loyal buyers. We needed to develop a brand that signified the quality and integrity of the product, but also be relatable to its buyers.

Brand & Logo Concept

After conducting research of dozens of other raw pet food suppliers, we quickly realized that a vast majority of the competition’s brands and logos carried almost no personality, no clever connection to the buyer. Over 90% of the logos we found were comprised of the shape of a cat and a dog, with nothing to distinguish if this was a veterinarian clinic, a pet store, or any other specific business.

We decided to break our concept down into a few elements:

  • Our logo contains a dog and cat, as this is who the product specifically feeds.
  • We created these two animals to be ‘characters’ to represent two sides to the business, as well as create opportunity down the road to implement these characters in a variety of marketing efforts.
  • The client wanted to implement a butler concept to represent the high quality of the product.
  • The dog is outfitted as the butler, and represents the product and level of customer care: quality, education, integrity.
  • The cat represents the love of animals: playful, curious, relatable.
  • The animals have a specific breed, not to isolate any other breed but rather to give both characters personality and connection to their audience. This is a deliberate contrast to the majority of indiscriminate cat and dog logos in the marketplace.
  • The client was interested in modeling the name and brand of this company after the famous Savile Row, a fashion district in London known for its exquisite shopping and high quality garments.

From concept to completion, we developed this brand concept and final logo design within 30 days.


Logo Design Process

As with most of the logos we design, this concept required special attention to ensure we created the right representation of mood and stature in each character.

  • We started with sketches of various dogs and levels of detail to determine whether our logo would be more suggestive of breed or literal.
  • Seven sketches of dogs were presented to the client, along with three cats. Out of the first batch of sketches, the bulldog—a concept with more detail—was selected.
  • We decided the cats needed more detail as well to match the concept of the bulldog, so a fresh batch of sketches was supplied, drawn onto the dog in each to show the intended composition.
  • Out of seven additional cat sketches, one was selected.
  • We digitized the drawing into a black version first.
  • Once a colour palette was selected we created the colour version and added shadow and depth to the characters and overall shape.
  • The final logo package was created and delivered to the client. 


The Final Savile Raw Logo

Our final version of the logo has four variations: full colour with a high level of detail, a greyscale version, a full black version, and a full white version. This offers the client options when applying the logo to a variety of media.


As this brand is freshly developed, implementation will take place over the coming weeks and months onto a variety of media. A website and social media platforms are in progress to introduce the new product and start building new relationships with potential buyers. Product label designs are underway as well.


The second selection of sketches with cat options (click to enlarge):


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