Don’t Do What I Did

For several years I have carried a large stack of my own business cards with me absolutely everywhere I’ve gone. I’m talking probably 100 cards or more, as though I’m going to suddenly “make it rain” business cards, or my elevator pitch is so clever that all 100 people I’m sharing the elevator with want my card at the same time. As a graphic designer, I preach the importance of having a well-designed card, and carrying lots of them on your person at all times.

Sure enough, this morning I went to a meeting with new people. WITHOUT my cards. GASP. Wow. What the heck. A graphic designer without business cards. A total paradox, right? Like the universe would implode on itself. For the first time ever, I left my cards somewhere else the night before (I was making it rain, just so you know.)

So this post is dedicated to all those nice, lovely people I met this morning that I had to give a hand-written slip of notebook paper to and sheepishly say “sorry, I have no cards.” I have posted a photo above to prove that I, a graphic designer, really DO have business cards. Whew. At least they didn’t eat me alive.

So yeah. Don’t do what I did. Make sure you have a quality business card on you at all times.

Give me a shout if you need help crafting stellar cards to glue to your body.

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