How to Get Followers for Your New Social Media Profile


You?ve created your new social media profile and now you?re ready to watch those fans and followers start flooding in! How exactly do you start spreading the word to your customers about your social media profile? Here?s some tactics and tips to grow your online following and promote your new social media channels!

Spread the Word: How to Promote Your Social Media Profile

In a perfect world, promoting your new social profiles would be as easy as publishing a post and watching the likes roll in. Growing your online presence is going to take a bit of good-old-fashioned time and effort. Don?t worry – your effort will pay off! By 2021, there will be billions of social media users online. With that many potential customers, you can?t afford not to spend some time promoting your brand online. Here are some ideas for how to go about promoting your new social media profiles!

1. Add your social profile to your existing communication channels

Unless you?re holed up in an off-grid shelter (how are you even reading this?), you probably have an email address. If you?re serious about growing your business, you?ll also have a website. Adding your new social links to your email signature and website are great ways to generate social traffic.

In addition to your existing online interactions, you can mention your social profiles in your more traditional communications including your corporate answering service or mobile voicemail. Sending invoices and using letterhead templates? There?s a spot on that page for you to add your social tags!

Don?t forget your business cards! With their smartphone in hand, your new acquaintance just might be inclined to take a look at your social profile after being handed your card.

2. Inform your existing customers and followers

Sending a regular email newsletter? Have other social media profiles that are already promoting your products and services? Make sure to let your loyal fans and customers know that they can get even more information, images, and insiders on your new social media channel of choice.

Want to generate even more buzz around your new profile? Host a giveaway that new followers and existing customers can find on your new profile. The goal is to generate excitement for new and old fans alike. Promoting a new social profile can be exciting for everyone – don?t forget about your existing followers during your new launch!

3. Use your personal connections

If you already have a personal social media profile, spreading the word about your new business profiles to your personal network is a great way to generate some initial followers and potential customers. While many of your friends and family might not be in the market for what you have to offer, some connections might be! Share posts from your business profile to your personal network and invite your friends and family to follow your new profile!

Ask your staff and colleagues to follow your new business social media profiles. While this might seem counterintuitive (your staff already know about your brand), social media success can be a fickle muse. While we hate to admit it, many social goers are more inclined to follow an online brand or influencer if they notice that others are already following that brand. Having a larger number of social media followers is an innate type of social proof for those who might come across you online. With that in mind, every follower counts!

4. Capture local business searches

Whether you know it or not, there are customers out there searching for the product or service that you have to offer. Your new social media profile could be just the introduction that they?re looking for.

Make sure that you have a Google Business Profile and are listed on other relevant online directories. Online and in-store shoppers are turning to Google now more than ever to find what they want. Making sure that your website, location, and social profiles are clearly displayed across the web is an all-important part of promoting your new online presence.


5. Utilize paid social media advertising

In addition to a Google listing, you?ll want to look at paid online advertising that promotes your new business profile. Whether it’s Google search and video ads, or story ads on Facebook and Instagram, paid advertising?even with a small budget?is a proven way to increase your follower count and push brand engagement.

When your new profile is created, be sure to follow and engage with other relevant 3rd party profiles. While this might seem like a strange approach at first, interacting with followers and other brands online shows that you?re ready to engage with your social fans. Gathering followers online requires engaging your fans! Make sure to reach out and interact with other accounts and followers regularly.

Get Your New Social Media Profile off the Ground

Ready to get new followers for your social media profile? Prefer to have help getting a head start on your new social media profile? Let?s kickstart your social media presence together!

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