Logo Design

Our custom, five-step logo design process ensures your brand’s identity is researched, unique, and on-point.

A company’s logo design has big responsibilities. It needs to immediately connect with the right audience, evoke a feeling of trust, build anticipation, and imply the customer experience all in one little image.

It should be researched, tested, and crafted in a way that has meaning. Just like naming a baby, it must be given the appropriate amount of thought and consideration for how it will be perceived today and in the future.


What we do for your logo design:

  • We spend the time to do it right.
  • We research your industry and competition to assess the best solution for your needs.
  • Your logos are always hand-drawn from scratch (clip art or purchased illustrations are never used!)
  • You’ll experience quality customer care. Check out our Google Reviews!
  • The final design is supplied in all media formats and full usage license is granted.
  • We are based in Edmonton, so you’re supporting local business!

What kind of thought goes into a logo design?

A logo should be clever, motivating, and emotional. Individual elements that make up a complete logo work toward a unified strategy:

Colour Psychology
Graphical Element
Clever Component (something that surprises and delights)

See our case study on our recent logo design for Savile Raw, a raw pet food company in Ontario:

Case Study: Savile Raw Logo Design

Our Five Step Logo Design Process

Step 1: Visioning

We discuss your vision for the company, product, or promotion for which the logo will be created.
How do you differ from the competition? Is your product/service brand new?

Step 2: Personification

We discuss how to personify your logo. A series of creative questions will be asked to extract the meat of the vision outlined in Step 1.

Step 3: Sketch Concepts

We will take away all of the goods we discussed in the first two steps, and come up with a series of sketch concepts. Icons, shapes, and rough lettering will be formed at this stage, and additional questions may be addressed over the phone if needed. Once we have a solid set of 3 – 6 concepts, we will meet with you again to present the ideas. Your logo is always designed from scratch.

Step 4: Black & White Proofs

Once we have explored the sketch concepts and decided on one with which to move forward, a refined, digital version in black and white will be created. We will present this proof and discuss the finer details of its shape, lettering, and placement of elements. Colours will only be discussed once the black version has been finalized.

Step 5: Final Design

Colour options will be presented as discussed at the end of Step 4. Once colours have been finalized, you will be presented with a complete package containing your new logo in various formats for all media types.

Package Fee: $995 + GST

50% due up front; 50% due prior to final file delivery

What Your Logo File Package Includes


File Formats:

Colour Palettes:
CMYK, RGB, Pantone

Logo Versions:
Colour, Black, White
Full logo, stacked/vertical
Icon (logomark)

Usage Guide:
Quick reference guide


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