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An Easy Trick to Track Website Visitors from a Campaign 

A quick, easy, and free way to collect more detailed data on your marketing campaigns is to use UTM parameters attached to your website URL. When anyone clicks on your website URL, with the parameters attached, Google Analytics will collect and sort the data to help you understand your results. Here’s how.

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[Beginner’s Guide] Facebook Business Manager Setup

More customers than ever are finding businesses and products on Facebook and Instagram among other social media platforms. With so many prospective customers online, you are likely considering social media advertising. Set yourself up for success from the start with a Facebook Business Manager Account.

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How to Keep Your SEO in Check When You’re Updating Your Own Website

Making sure that customers can find your website online consistently is one of the most important things to consider after launch.  Search engine optimization is not a “set it and forget it” feature to your website; it requires nurturing and maintenance to ensure it continues to reach Google/Bing/other search engine searchers. Whether you’ve recently launched your website, or you’re planning on making some changes in the future, ensuring that you maintain search engine optimization on every web page should be on your list of important tasks.

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