Our Comprehensive Website Maintenance Package

Specializing in WordPress

From the moment a website is launched, it becomes a working, moving machine. And just like any other machine, it becomes susceptible to damage, and it also needs regular maintenance to do the job it was built to do.

In the case of a website, it can be crawled by spam bots looking for email addresses to scoop. It could also be attacked by hackers attempting to bypass your login information to turn your functional website into a spammer’s paradise. And if that happens, the chances of regaining that website are slim.

Keep your website investment safe with our monthly all-in-one maintenance package.


Ensuring your website is properly maintained
offers many benefits:

  • Keeps your website secure. Prevents hackers and spam bots from infiltration.
  • Maintains your website’s load speeds. This is an important factor to your search engine rankings.
  • Ensures your website doesn’t go down due to outdated code.
  • Your visitors can rely on your website always being available. (Imagine the impression you make if your website is down.)

Why you should allow us to maintain your website
(rather than DIY):

  • We are available to handle any issues that arise as needed, and have the expertise to do so.
  • For WordPress websites: You may be able to update your own plugins, but if something goes wrong you can potentially crash your site.
  • We offer daily updates to ensure any security risks are mitigated immediately.
  • Not all website hosts are created equal. Some will throttle the size of files you can upload, and if you’re performing updates you may run into max bandwidth issues and break an update (crashing your site). We know which hosts work this way and work around it.
  • You have your own job to do, and proper maintenance always seems to take a back burner.

What Our Monthly Maintenance Package Includes:

Website hosting with SSL certificate

Host your website with us for one-on-one customer care, and your free SSL security certificate is included.

Daily security and software updates

Mitigates risk. Stop attacks before they happen.

Daily website backups

If something does go wrong we can revive yesterday’s copy. One click brings your website back to life.

Basic search engine optimization & site health monitoring

We will implement faster load speeds and on-page efforts where needed to improve your search engine rankings.
We will also monitor your site health monthly and make changes as needed.

Monthly Fee: $125 + GST

Pay annually and get two months free: $1,250 + GST

Prefer a simple website hosting plan with no add-on services? $25/mo + GST
(optional – if your website is built by us)

Premium WordPress plugin licensing

We build your website using top quality plugins to manage load speeds, SEO functionality, and security among other things.

These quality plugins come with annual subscription fees.

These fees are on us with this package. (A value of $780/year)



Trust your website’s security and uptime to us.

  • We take the time to not only do things right, but our priority is to ensure your website works as it should for years to come.
  • We have an impeccable record for reliable customer service (see our Google reviews), and we are here when you need us.
  • We will answer your questions as needed to ensure you feel comfortable with the process.
  • You can cancel anytime, with minimum 1 month’s notice.

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