Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors & New Home Sales


We get it… generating the right content for your social media feeds can be draining. Maybe you’ve got some amazing photos of your product but aren’t sure when or how to share it with the world. Maybe you’re straight out of ideas for what to post. We have put together a comprehensive list of social media post ideas that will help you reach your target audience.

Comprehensive List of Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Feature Your Products

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of noise when it comes to social media (no, not just noisy cat videos). Social feeds have never been more inundated with ads and promos designed to sell to scrollers. But what if your followers aren’t looking for an ad? Sometimes, all that a person wants is to see a pretty picture.

Give the people what they want! Instead of offering a promotion or a sale on a new home, give your followers information about your products.

  • Walk-through Video Tours: Post a walkthrough video or photo carousel showcasing an available home in the neighbourhood. Instagram is a great medium for vivid images of your homes.
  • Featured Neighbourhood: Try featuring a specific neighbourhood in your posts that has lots of green spaces and available lots.
  • Spotlight Local Businesses: Know of any nearby amenities or local small businesses? Social media is a great place to spread the word and interact with other businesses! Tag local businesses, developers, and official accounts in the surrounding area to appeal to a wider range of followers. You might even get tagged back in the future!
  • Uniquely You: Show your followers what it is that sets your product apart from everyone else’s. What about your brand is different from the competition? Remember how we mentioned the amount of noise on social? Followers are looking for something different – give it to them!
  • The Customer Experience: Showcase to all those social scrollers what it’s like to buy from you. What special processes, customer service, bonuses, and after-care can they expect when working with you? Show followers what they might expect if they choose you over everyone else.

Show Your Expertise

Showing off your products on social is easy, but in a world where all the information we could ever need is right at our fingertips, people are looking for someone to guide them through it all. Social media is a great way to show future customers that you know your stuff. If you’re open and generous with your expertise, your social followers will remember you for it!

  • Valuable Information for the Buying Process: In the new home industry, a lot of buyers are looking for help as they traverse the buying process. Providing information that is useful and timely for your target audience will help build your reputation and educate your customers on your products.
    • “If you’re a first-time homebuyer, there are government programs to help you get into the home of your dreams. Let’s talk about getting you and your family moved in today!”
  • Did You Know? Give your followers some cool tidbits of information about the experience you offer, your business, or some interesting hints and tips. Sharing lesser-known information with your customers is a great way to drive interaction. If you can make someone say, “huh, that’s interesting,” you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.
    • “Did you know that we build in 12 different communities across the city? We can build any style of home for any budget in any neighbourhood!”
  • Spread the Industry News: Changes to mortgage rates? New legislation for buyers? Sharing industry information with social followers helps educate your buyers (and can leave a great impression).
  • Answer Common Questions: The process of buying a home raises a lot of questions. Show your followers that you know the answers to those burning questions!


Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Stand out on social media by letting your customers and followers know who you are. Doing so will help differentiate yourself from all your competitors.

  • Buyer Reviews and Testimonials: We know you’re great, and you know you’re great, but do your followers know how great you are? Sharing good buyer reviews and asking some of those happy customers for testimonials provides future customers with social proof that you are as great as you say you are!
  • Organization Milestones, Anniversaries, and Wins: Share your success with your followers and customers – if your organization snags that award, passes that 10-year mark, or reaches new heights, celebrate with your network!
    • “We are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded Best New Home Builder of the Year! Thanks to all of our amazing team members and wonderful customers for a great year!”
  • Behind the Scenes Teasers: Believe it or not, people on social like seeing the person behind the curtain. Show your followers a day in the life of your organization to help build a human connection. After all, we’re all just living our lives – why not give your followers a glimpse into what that looks like for you?

Get Your Followers Involved

There’s no better way to increase your social media following than interacting with your audience. If you want to stand out in the social media landscape, here are some ways to stay relevant with your followers:

  • Polls: Whatever platform you choose, sharing a poll with your followers is a great way to put yourself out there. Polls are perfect for helping followers get to know you, and for you to get to know them as well!
  • Use Those Hashtags: If you’re setting up weekly or recurring social posts, be sure to research and use dedicated hashtags so that followers can keep up with what you have to say. For example, use hashtags such as #budgettips, #tiptuesdays, or #weeklyresources.

Bonus Tips for Great Social Media Posts!

  • Use original photos whenever you can. Stock images are useful (and easy) but nothing beats a real-life photo of your products and service!
  • Whether you’re commenting or posting, be authentic. Show your customers and followers who you really are.
  • When it comes to scheduling your social media posts, post regularly – at least 3 to 4 times a week if you’re able. Believe me, the hard work will pay off!
  • Save time (and sanity) by scheduling your posts in advance. Tools such as Hootsuite make scheduling social posts easy!

Start Taking Your Social Media to New Heights!

These social media post ideas are intended to provide regular, engaging content to your real estate audience. Watch your followers and content flourish by setting up your social media posts for success! Be sure to track your followers and engagements when you start, as well as throughout, so you can gauge your growth and test what resonates with your specific audience.

Bonus Freebie!

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