Using Trello as a Free Social Media Planning Tool


You’re ready to up your social media game – you have some great ideas for posts, eye-catching visuals to accompany them, and you’re ready for new followers to flood into your feed. Now, you need a social media planning tool that can make managing and publishing your shiny new posts a breeze.

Meet Trello.

Trello is a collaborative project management tool that makes organizing your social media posts easy and satisfying! Trello is a visual board that keeps your projects moving: from idea to plan, and from plan to launch. Trello can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and is free to use!

Trello can help you up your social media game, but can also be used for so much more! No matter what project or campaign your team has on the go, Trello is great for staying organized and meeting those deadlines!

Curious to know how it works? Let me show you just how easy planning your social media can be with Trello.

Step 1: Create a Board

To get started on your Trello journey, create your first Board. Think of your new Board as the homepage for all of the social post ideas, content, and deadlines that you need to keep track of. You can give your board a creative name and background, then invite your team members! In just a few seconds, you?ve already set up the virtual space that will help you and your team visualize workflows and content.

Social Media Planning with Trello Boards

Step 2: Create Lists for Project Lifecycles and Stages

Next, add a few Lists to create a series of steps in a workflow that fits your project. Think of your lists as a pathway that your content and social posts walk through on their way to publishing. For example, you might make a List on the left-most side of your Board named Ideas. Here, you and your team can drop images, sayings, or hashtags as they come to you. The next list to the right of the first could be named To Do. When your collection of ideas steps into this list, your team knows that that content needs to be crafted into an actual social post. Once work gets started, the content then moves to the next list in line: Doing. Then, once the post is made and ready to get sent out, it moves to the list called Done.

Using Trello - Create Social Media Planning Lists
Easy as that! Lists allow you to move your content down the pipeline in a visually satisfying manner. Who doesn’t like watching projects move from Idea to Done?

Step 3: Using Cards

With your lists created and your project’s lifecycle laid out, you need something to move down that line! Introducing meat of Trello projects: Cards.

Cards are super-customizable and can be created and edited by members of your team. You might create a card called Create Facebook Page and drop it under your To-Do list. Now, when you’re tempted to watch Netflix instead of working, the Create Facebook Page card will be staring at you, judging you ever so quietly in that To-Do board…

Cards can be as simple or complex as you like. Each card can be given a description and can be assigned to specific team members or groups. Have an entire list that needs to get done? Cards can be equipped with To-Do checklists that are oh-so-satisfying to mark off. Add files, images, comments, colour-coded labels, and due dates to each and every card that you create.

Trello Social Media Planning Cards
Drag and drop cards between lists and watch as your hard work pays off! You’ll love seeing those happy little cards go from Ideas to Done!

Step 4: Segment Tasks with Labels

Soon, you’ll be a Trello wizard, and when you are, you might find that you have more cards than you know what to do with. Have no fear: each and every card on your board can be marked and organized by adding Labels. Labels are colour-coded to help segment the tasks that you need to complete. Have a larger social campaign that requires multiple posts on top of your regular content? Label it with its own colour and watch those big projects move down the line!

Segment Cards with Labels in Trello

Step 5: Your First Power-Up

Your labels and lists will make you feel like a social media superhero, and now, you can get a Power-Up to match! Power-ups are customizable integrations that you can add to your board for even more convenience. If you are using Trello for free, you can add one Power-up to your board, but there are countless others that can help you get the most out of your new project management system.

Let’s take a look at one of your free Power-ups: Calendar!

Adding a Power-Up is easy: find the menu button to the right of your board, press ‘Add Power-Up?’ and search for ‘Calendar.’ Then, press the green button to add the Calendar Power-Up to your board.

That’s it! Now, you’ll see a small button on the top right of your board that will open up the Calendar view. All of your cards with a due date will now appear on the Calendar for at-a-glance scheduling!

Using Trello - Free Calendar Power-Up

There are hundreds of Power-Ups that you can add to make your Trello board your own. Google Drive integration, custom fields for cards, and Maps integrations are just some of the limitless possibilities that Power-Ups offer.

Social Media Planning with Trello

Ready to Power-Up Your Social Media Planning with Trello?

We can help you get your social media campaigns scheduled and organized using Trello. Setting up your new board is easy, but will go a long way in helping customers and new followers find you.

Let’s get started putting some life back into your social media using Trello!

Bonus Freebie!

Now that you have a free social media planning tool, here is a 90-day social media planner to help get you started!


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