‘WordPress Is Crap!’ And Here Is Why I Use It.

There has been a long-running, heated debate among website creators about whether WordPress is a crappy choice for websites. There are distinctly two sides to this argument: those that use WordPress (or any other Content Management System) and those that build custom websites.
The arguments are—from the custom side—that anyone who uses WordPress to create a site is a basement dweller who wants to charge thousands of dollars for a site that takes a few hours to build. I’m sad to say there are actually freelancers out there that do this, but just as in any business there will always be the bad apples that spoil it for the rest of us.
I will argue that in some cases a custom website is necessary, depending on the purpose and intent of the website, as well as a huge number of other factors. But for most of us who run small- to medium-sized companies, a custom website and its related costs just aren’t needed.

Custom website builders have a few reasons to hate WordPress:

They have to work harder to sell clients on custom websites.

A custom site costs significantly more to build so they have to work to justify those costs. I should point out I don’t disagree that they should charge for the value of the work involved; we all should. However, it depends on the client’s needs and budget as to whether a custom site is viable for their business.

They will argue that WP is hackable and your website will crash and burn and your hair will start on fire.

While this is true that WP is hackable, so is every other site despite what custom builders may claim. Nothing on the Internet is 100% safe, just ask NASA, Equifax, or Capital One. It all banks on whether you are working with an experienced professional who has the skills and knowledge to choose the right server to host your site, and that the plugins you use in your site are trustworthy and built by other experienced professionals. And most importantly, work with a website designer that understands how to keep your website as safe and secure as humanly possible.

I could go on; they have dozens of arguments. All of which can be addressed by someone who is as invested in WP as they are in their own programming language.

Here is why I use it for my clients’ websites:

I don’t believe in locking my clients into a tool that will constantly cost them money moving forward.

WP is easy to use, and anyone in a business can be trained to use it. This means you don’t need to hire a website designer to make every little change to your site. Need to change your hours? You can do that yourself. 

You won’t be locked into having only one company that can work on your website.

Because WP is the most-used Content Management System on the Internet, there are millions of developers that can work with this system. If you are unhappy with my work*, you can easily hire another company to handle your website.

*I fully believe in the relationships I build with my clients. The last thing I want to do is trap you into working with me because your website can’t be transfered to anyone else.

I would rather spend my time helping you grow your business over custom coding every website.

I am not interested in spending day after day coding custom websites for my clients. Your website is only one tool in a collection of other tools your business needs to succeed. I have other services I provide that help your website—and your business—succeed.

I started my business as a website developer, so I understand the code.

One of the biggest complaints custom website developers have is that freelancers building sites on WordPress are just “copy-and-pasters”. They don’t know how to actually build a website, and therefore cannot understand how to ensure your site is optimized for load speeds, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

I am a coder at heart. I’ve coded websites from scratch since 1995 so I’ve been in the trenches. I’ve used WordPress since its inception in 2003, and I’ve seen its endless iterations and evolution. I understand this product and how it benefits many businesses that don’t have $40,000 for a custom website.

Using WP, you can have a website crafted for your business within a budget you can afford.

This one is the most important piece for me. I, too, am a small business, and although I fully comprehend the benefits of a custom website, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. So rather than operating my business without a website, or worse using Facebook as my website, I choose to use a robust tool such as WordPress.

I relate to most of my clientele in this aspect, and that’s why I have built so many websites over the years using this platform.